Neon Sign Repair Los Angeles 2

Neon Sign Repair Los Angeles 2

We were called to do a neon sign repair Los Angeles 2 for the Ebell Wilshire Theatre. There was a few letters on the neon sign that were completely out. We did the neon repair by changing a few 12,000 volt transformers. The neon sign is located at the very top of the building.

The Ebell of Los Angeles is a social and philanthropic jewel in Los Angeles’ crown.  The Ebell Club is an educational and philanthropic organization founded by women in 1894.  The historic Ebell Clubhouse and Wilshire Ebell Theatre was built in 1927 and is designated an Official American Treasure.  The Ebell is host to the Women’s Club activities as well as Special Events, Weddings, theatrical productions, concerts, red carpet premiers and film productions.The Glamour, The Elegance, The Legacy…The Ebell

The Ebell of Los Angeles is a community of members, diverse in background, ethnicity, experience, point of view, talents, interest and passions.  Though they gather in the historic and beautiful Ebell building, it is the membership which is our most precious asset- members engaging with one another, learning from each other, enjoying each other’s company and working together for our philanthropies, programs and projects, and sometimes, gathering together simply for good fellowship and fun.  This physical, face-to-face interaction is our human capital and it is money in the bank for our Los Angeles, whose complexity and barriers to understanding are as enormous as its potential and sometimes-as in the case of the Ebell- its actual openness and engagement and regard for all who live here.

Through imaginative refocus and renewal, the Ebell has sustained its nearly 125 year history of educational, cultural and social service and, with the commitment of its members, will continue to adapt and thrive for a long and meaningful future.

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