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Los Angeles Signs & Awnings is a Sign Maker and awning manufacturer of outdoor business signs, interior lobby signs, and electrical signs serving Los Angeles and Ventura County. We’ve been doing this a long time and we’re the best in the business. Our prices are extremely competitive and our quality is the absolute best. So if you’re looking for a company that can make you look like a professional industry leading authority, then give us a call. We’re not only professional, but we’re the absolute industry leading authority when it comes to sign making.

Sign Maker

We Make Professional Shop Signs

We make some of the industry’s most professional shop signs here in LA. We have over 10 years of sign making and awning manufacturing. Our signs and awning staff is made up of talented and experienced metal workers, painters, and graphic designers. We have the know-how and expertise to tackle the most challenging and sophisticated jobs. Our team of experts can find the best method to produce our customers’ projects in a cost-efficient and timely manner. We provide signs and awnings for outdoor business signs, interior lobby signs, and awnings with an enduring lasting value.

We can help you manufacture the right type of sign and awning for your companies needs, and we can design a custom sign and awning that will attract more attention and bring in more business. If you have a logo or design of your company, then we can take a look at it and give you various options in how to optimize your signs or awnings for added appeal to your market.

We Can Also Maintenance & Upgrade Your Sign

Not only can we make you a new metal sign, but we can also maintenance and upgrade your existing one.  Does your signage reflect the exceptional products and services that you offer? Don’t send the wrong signal to your ideal customers. Faded images, poor lighting, peeling paint or nicked sign can be a major turn off.  Our company offers comprehensive maintenance for your sign, from cleaning and inspecting to repairing minor or even major damages. A well-maintained sign is a marketing asset that a business can’t afford to be tainted or lose. With regularly scheduled maintenance, your sign can function well and prolong its beauty, thus preventing potential damages and accidents arising from the damaged sign. A clean, fully functioning, properly secured, and safety compliant sign can save your business from serious trouble. Enjoy cost savings when you have regular maintenance for your sign, instead of shelling out money for replacement or liabilities incurred. Convey the right company image to your clients at all times. Don’t let clients think less of your company because of the dirt, poor lights, and damages on your sign. Our company can conduct a site checkup, give a well-detailed report for your review and come up with the best solution for your sign. Have a consistent, updated and renewed sign in no time. For your maintenance request, our licensed and bonded professionals are at your service.

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