Sign Maker Los Angeles

Los Angeles Signs & Awnings is a Sign Maker and awning manufacturer of outdoor business signs, interior lobby signs, and electrical signs serving Los Angeles and Ventura County.

We have over 10 years of sign making and awning manufacturing. Our signs and awning staff is made up of talented and experienced metal workers, painters, and graphic designers. We have the know-how and expertise to tackle the most challenging and sophisticated jobs. Our team of experts can find the best method to produce our customers’ projects in a cost-efficient and timely manner. We provide signs and awnings for outdoor business signs, interior lobby signs, and awnings with an enduring lasting value.

We can help you manufacture the right type of sign and awning for your companies needs, and we can design a custom sign and awning that will attract more attention and bring in more business. If you have a logo or design of your company, then we can take a look at it and give you various options in how to optimize your signs or awnings for added appeal to your market.

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