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Searching for custom commercial signs in Los Angeles? Commercial signs that are eye popping help your brand and direct traffic to your business or storefront. A variety of sign options exist today, and commercial signs can be personalized to fit whatever your business’s unique marketing and branding needs are. Los Angeles Signs & Awnings is your sign company for delivering high quality signs and installation. If you’re stuck for ideas and the type of signage your company needs, we can help you out with ideas for signs tailored to your business using your logo or artwork that your company uses. Or, if you do not have a logo or artwork for your company, we can design a sign for your company needs. We can offer the type of materials that would be suitable for your sign. Furthermore, we would make several renditions of the sign on your building, so you can see how the sign will look before we manufacture and install the sign at your business.


Commercial Signs Los Angeles


Statistics for Signs

Statistics show a major electronics chain found that 18 percent of it customers did not intend to stop by their store but did so because of the commercial sign. The commercial sign caught the eye of the people of passing by because the sign had eye catching colors, very easy to read, the sign was big for easy visibility, so all the elements put together of a  sign worked in harmony to bring in additional customers. There is other interesting statistics. Approximately 8 out of 10 customers entered a store or business that they never patronized previously strictly due to their sign. Approximately 62% of respondents indicated that an absence of signage deters them from entering a place of business. Sign readability is an important factor in consumers choosing a product or service.


Investing in Signs


Investing in signs is a commitment a business owner must make to make sure he gets a return on his investment. Some of the questions the business owner must ask are the following: Where is the sign going to placed at.  It is going to be an illuminated or non-illuminated sign. Is the custom sign going to be big enough to read for the potential customers that are passing by in their vehicles and pedestrian walking by. The colors and graphics of the sign have to been impeccable to catch the eye of the customers passing by. The durability of the sign. The cost of the sign. Research shows that custom outdoor signs are a crucial factor in attracting new customers, which will increase profitability.


Types of Commercial Signs


There is a variety of types and styles of commercial signs as being ideal way to market your business, but they can also be also be used to market events.  If your company is sponsoring a school or non-profit event banners and A-frames signs can be use to sponsor the event with the company name. However for permanent signs for a business, the most common are using illuminated channel letter type of signs. There is also sign cabinets and LED message board signs that can be programmable to change the message as you want.


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