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Thinking of having a custom neon sign created for your business? A very timeless and traditional way to advertise your business is with a neon sign. Neon was first discovered back in the lat 1800’s, and brought to market in the 1920’s. Since that time, it has become a permanent staple across commercial skylines and especially local bars and pubs and will be for years to come. Neon has been popularized over the years by many various businesses, like Las Vegas casinos and fast food establishments, and it has absolutely proven to withstand the test of time. Today, neon can be used for every kind of business and can be used in combination of many multiple materials to give your business a professional, elegant, appearance while at the same time it makes more of a statement apart from all other signage options out there. Check out some sample photos below, or see our gallery for neon signs ideas for your business. Call us! Would love to make your ideas come to life for your business!


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Neon signs can leave a lasting impression and it can be an excellent addition to the Los Angeles skyline. It’ll have your business noticed with very little effort. And of course, when you get notice, then this increases foot traffic without a doubt. Have effective signage that represents the vision of your company, products or services and brands in the mind of customers. Don’t just go anywhere, but to the best in the industry. Draw in customers easily the moment they see your outdoor sign. Leave the job to the professionals of our company. We offer interesting sign solutions, made especially to match your needs. With endless options in terms of materials, size, and design, we ease the decision-making for our clients by guiding them in the process. We conduct estimate, submit proposals, which are subject for revision until the client is satisfied with the design, and efficiently install the sign in its rightful place. With an exciting outdoor sign, you get free advertising without an additional cost!



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From Neon to Storefront Signs


Storefront signs are one of the keys to business success! Don’t be left out. Make your business stand out from the rest with a catchy yet professional-looking sign. It can be crafted from a variety of materials such as vinyl, for windows, wood, metal or acrylic. A vinyl window sign is a good deal for those in a budget due to its affordability. It can be colorful and exceptional.  However, If you are looking for the 3-D look, then we can use metal or acrylic for dimensional letters. These material last a long time and are very weather resistant, and you can use any color or shape.  it offers a modern and sleek appeal to any establishment. For illuminated signs we can use channel letters and sign cabinets that can be eye-catchy especially at night. Win your customers with a brass or bronze storefront sign. This may cost more, but the results will make a favorable impact. Awning sign doesn’t just serve as an attractive display, but protection against bad weather.  When we talk about visual appeal, there are neon or LED message signs that can score high. Your design in mind, budget and space determine the sign material to fit your business and achieve optimal result.



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