Miscellaneous Business Signs Los Angeles

We offer a variety of business signs. One type of business sign that is popular with customers is called a blade sign-any sign not defined as a window sign and affixed directly or indirectly to the exterior of any surface of any building, to a projecting structure of a building, or to any outdoor structure. Examples of this type of sign on this page are the following: Fantastic Sams, Pedini, Torrance Family Dental.

Another type of business sign that has wide acceptance with customers is the push-thru sign cabinet-A letter or graphic which is cut out, then pushed through a corresponding space that has been removed from a sign substrate. The push-thru is typically different color and/or material than the rest of the sign. Typically used with a sign cabinet and internal lighting with led or fluorescent lamps . “Push-thru letters” are most often translucent acrylic letters that are pushed through a sign face panel about 1/4″ to 1/2″ over the front surface of the panel face. The example on this page are the following: Montebello Optometry, Max, Macau.

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