Sign Permit

We’ll Get Your Sign Permit in Los Angeles

Every city requires you to apply for a sign permit before you have a sign permanently installed on to a building or post. The reason that this is important is because if done wrong, then the sign can fall onto someone and lead to harm or even death. This is why it is important that you work with a quality company that has been doing this for years. We are licensed in the state of California to apply for sign permits and to legally install signs. Don’t work with a budget handyman who might put you and your business at risk. Give us a call. We’re the absolute expert when it comes to all sign installations throughout LA and Ventura County.

Sign Permit

Sign Surveys Are Required By Local Cities

Each city has its own requirements on signage permits, and when it comes time to get your permit you will also need a sign survey done. This is a requirement by nearly every city here in Southern California. We have the knowledge and expertise to streamline the process of obtaining sign permits. We can provide complete sign surveys with photos of all angles of the proposed site. We take measurement of the building and sign location for the scaled drawing that are required by the city.

Here To Help Every Step Of The Way

When it comes time to plan the creation and installation of your sign, we are here to help you every step of the way. If you are starting from the beginning and need a custom, one of a kind sign, we are proud to offer our design services in a way that is totally unique to your project requirements. Please view our sample galleries to see the various options of signs that we have available. We can customize sizes, materials, colors, and even include all the wiring and electronics to illuminate your sign in the night’s sky.

We will perform a site and visibility analysis, look into zoning requirements, and make recommendations for overall design, size, type styles and colors to communicate your message effectively. We will also specify structural supports, lighting, fastening methods and electrical requirements to ensure the long-term value of your sign.

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