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Studies on signage have confirmed that 17 percent of its customers didn’t intend to stop by the store but did so (and made a purchase) because of an outdoor building sign. Some tips for outdoor sign success, including being selective about color choice, employing contrast to make the sign readable from a distance, and going big for enhanced visibility.


Research Confirms the Power of Building Signs


This dives into research confirming the success of outdoor signage. Among the statistics presented:

  • Approximately 8 out of 10 customers entered a store or business they’d never patronized previously strictly due to their building sign
  • About 50% of respondents indicated that they are deterred from enter a store or business due to poor signage
  • Approximately 60% of respondents indicated that an absence of signage deters them from entering a place of business
  • Sign readability is an important factor in consumers choosing a product or service


Question to Ask When Buying Outdoor Building Signs


Investing in signs is a commitment, and as a successful business owner, you want to make sure you see a return on your investment.  Some of the questions you should ask when making an outdoor sign purchase.

  • Sign location
  • The type or material that is going to be used for the signage on the building
  • Length of message and frequency of messaging updates for led message centers
  • Should the sign be illuminated or non-illuminated?
  • Sign durability
  • Budget/financing
  • The color choice of the sign based on the company’s logo

All are important factors in determining the best custom-building sign for your needs.


5 Reason Why Building Signs Are the Best Way to Advertise Your Business


You may have several channels for promoting and marketing your business, but research shows that outdoor signage is a crucial factor in attracting new customers. There is five excellent reasons that outdoor building signs are one of the best ways to advertise your business:

  • Being a cost-effective advertising option
  • Increasing profitability
  • Offering a speedy way to update marketing messages
  • Building awareness around your brand
  • Attracting the attention of people passing by with a unique type of sign


Building Signs for Business to Increase In Store Visits


The different types of custom signs for building advertising that will contribute to an increase in in-store customer visits.

  • A-Frame signs
  • LED message center signs
  • Channel Letter signs
  • Dimensional Letters signs (Acrylic and Metal)
  • Illuminated Sign Cabinet signs


How Los Angeles Signs & Awnings can help your organization


Los Angeles Signs & Awnings serves Los Angeles and Ventura County. We provide and install 3D letters and panel signs.

We provide and install the following types of 3D exterior signs: illuminated channel letters, lightboxes, 3D letters, and flat or fabricated metal signs. Material choices include PVC, metal bronze, aluminum, copper, MDO( wood), flat cut metal, acrylic, poly metal, and aluminum letters.

We also provide and installs the following types of outdoor panel signs: post signs, wayfinding signs, building signs, and yard signs. Panel signs are one of the most popular signage alternatives due to their distinguished appearance and versatility.


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