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Looking for a way to make your lobby signs pop? A great way to add depth and dimension to your indoor signs is to use three dimensional letters and logos.

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One of our customers, recently changed their name to Renewable Resource Group. Their previous sign consisted of flat-faced vinyl lettering and we were tasked with finding a way to make their new signage really stand out. We created their new sign using ¼” depth brush aluminum letters mounted on the curve front desk of the lobby using studs and spacers. It created a nice three-dimensional look that really made their new sign look more prominent.


Lobby Signs


Using acrylic material logos/lettering is an excellent choice for wall mounted displays since the material can easily be cut to shape and installed with studs or glued to the wall. Our dimensional letters and logos can also be made of brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel and aluminum can be painted any color or have digitally printed graphics applied to them.


Quality Lobby Signage That Make You Look Professional


An opportune time to upgrade your lobby signage is when your company has recently changed names, is rebranding, or is just looking for a way to freshen up aged signage.

A lobby sign is often an under-appreciated marketing work horse.  Like the first impression when you meet someone new, there is a tremendous opportunity to create that great first impression for a client.  Here is a concise list of the ways an effective reception sign can help get a relationship off to a great start:

  • It assures us that we are in the right place
  • It projects credibility and shows us a company stands behind its name
  • It conveys permanence, that a company is here for the long term
  • It projects brand characteristics and the type of experience we should expect
  • It builds collective identity among customers, employees and other stakeholders
  • It creates an impression, or part of a collective impression, that we carry with us long after we leave the buildings

First impressions can make the difference when a customer is choosing between two brands.

Every reception sign is unique – custom designed and fabricated to match your brand, industry and business.  To view pictures of our lobby sign, visit our interior signs gallery to see a variety of signs and material options for lobby signs. You will see some of our past projects. 


Lobby wall signs are a great investment


Lobby wall signs are a great investment for your business if you wish to:

  • Make consumers feel comfortable and welcome

Visitors and customers of your business should feel immediately comfortable, which is difficult to accomplish with stark, barren walls. Ensure the comfort of your clients and visitors by making use of lobby signs in your reception area to provide a warm and welcoming environment.

  • Display your business slogans or mottos

What is your business about? Make sure visitors and clients know exactly who you are and what you do by making use of lobby signs to display business slogans, mottos, and even your logo. This is a unique branding opportunity and is informative for your visitors.

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