Metal Letter Los Angeles

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Custom Metal Letters are a unique way to create signage for your business. You can use different types of metals to create the specific look you are seeking. We offer Custom Metal Signs that are precision water-jet cut from solid plate. We also offer fabricated metals that offer greater depth and allow for LED back-lighting. Fabricated metal is an excellent choice for letters with depths from 1/2 inch to 5 inch.  this is the perfect look for the ticker and bulkier type of look. We also offer the metal letters with more intricate and fine lines to get a sharper, detailed look. This is great for your metal logo signs. One of our main supplier of metal material is Industrial Metal Supply.

Specific Material type for Metal Signs

Los Angeles Sign & Awnings can help you achieve the image you want by suggesting the perfect metal, finish and mounting for your custom metal sign. We offer the following metals:

  • Aluminum Letters- The most popular choice being the most economical of the metals. The aluminum letters are available in natural satin(brush), polished, anodized, patina and painted color finish.
  • Brass letters- Brass works well for letters of all sizes. It is available in polished, oxidized and natural satin (brushed) finish.
  • Bronze letters- Bronze is excellent choice for expressing tradition, longevity and honor. It is available in polished, oxidized, natural satin (brush), and patina finish.
  • Stainless Steel letters- extremely hard and known for it strength. It is available in natural satin (brush) and polished.
  • Copper Letters- Copper is a great choice when elegant is the statement you want to make. It is available in natural satin (brush), polished, and oxidized.
  • Core-Ten- This metal is for the rustic look.

Strength of Metal Signs

Today’s metal signs are made of rugged aluminum or bronze, or brass that have been manufactured in an extensive process of steps designed to produce durable, long-lasting products with a tensile strength of 38,000 psi, these building sign letters are light weight but not fragile. They are corrosion-resistant and built to withstand strong winds and heavy rains. Metal letters are water-jet cut for precise, sharp inside corners and intricate detailing on the more elaborate fonts. We work with another metal company- Bobco Metals -who supplies us with all types of metal materials to manufacture custom metal letters and signs.

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