Sign Repair

The Best Sign Repair in Los Angeles

Are you searching for sign repair in Los Angeles? Well you’ve come to the right place. For the past 15+ years we have been refurbishing, repairing, or even upgrading signs so that they look modern, stylish, and professionally updated. When you have a sign that has been aged over the years and weathered by the elements, that out-dated sign can easily make your business and even your products or services look old and out-dated. This is why it makes sense to have us come in to revamp your sign’s appearance. This almost always saves money, and even gives older companies and vintage yet retro style that looks amazing.

Sign Repair

We’re Expert Sign Restoration Craftsman

Here at Los Angeles Signs & Awnings we are expert sign restoration specialists. We offer quick and efficient electrical sign repair and maintenance service in Los Angeles and Ventura County. We repair neon, LED, and fluorescent lamp type of lighting on signs. We can replace the fluorescent lamp and ballast on sign cabinets. Our roster of equipment makes us the top name in Southern California sign repair. We own a variety of types of lift trucks and other tools, allowing us to service and repair outdoor sign types – including pylons, monument signs, wall signs, neon signs and more.

We also offer the following services:

  • Rewire & Recalibrate Neon Signs
  • Remake broken neon sections
  • Replace faulty LEDs
  • Replace LED And Neon transformers
  • Retrofit neon into LED

Our dedicated service professionals can help your business stand out in the crowd. You’ve already invested a great deal of time and money into your current sign, let us repair and maintain it, so it can remain a productive advertising tool for years to come.

We Also Do Sign Maintenance

Besides doing repairs, we also offer sign maintenance services. You can count on our technicians all year round. A busted bulb, flaky paint, a nicked or deformed edges, mechanical malfunction, and the list goes on, we’re there for you. Whatever concern you have can simply be resolved by a quick phone call.

If you need immediate service, then we’ve got it all covered. Our company is a full-service sign installation, repair, and maintenance company that has amazing years of experience and skilled team of experts from designers, engineers to electricians to handle projects on any scale. We can be sensitive to urgent matters and we’ll take every step within our power to service your request in a prompt fashion.

We work around your timeline, and take the matter into priority. We stand behind all our projects to keep your investment intact and advertising up and running for your business. We know how valuable time is. Each second can cause you a million. And, that’s what we want to prevent from happening. Most repairs can be done briefly or with no disruption to business operation. We can offer sign remedy or design replacement to enhance its performance. Your shop sign is an effective marketing tool, 24/7.

But how about we do the entire neighborhood a favor and not let your sign me an absolute eye sore. That can be avoided. Let us come in and make it look its best. For a time-efficient repair or response, simply call us at 818-861-5394.

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