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Commercial Canopy


Elegant Custom Commercial Canopy in Los Angeles


Thinking of ways to make your business look elegant, while increasing your brand awareness? Then consider having custom made commercial canopy in Los Angeles. At one time or another, just about everyone has seen or used a canopy (a roof-like projection or shelter). These sun shades are used all over the world for protection from the sun or light rain.  We a have a few suppliers who supply us with the fabric and accessories to manufacture the canopies, the two companies are Outdoor Textiles and Herculite.


Commercial Canopies


Canopies and Patio Covers With Logos Printed


Feature your company name and logo with attractive patio covers. Protect your customers from harmful rays of the sun and keep them dry when it’s raining, all year round. Do these with style. It’s hitting two birds with one stone. With our company’s expertise, you can choose from a variety of colors, styles, and materials. They’re not just a fantastic addition on any establishment, but also at homes. With these installed, a family can enjoy being outdoors as they dine, protected under the blazing heat of the sun or kept dry while raining. In addition, these can also serve as a carport, keeping precious cars safe from harsh weather. Aesthetically pleasing, these covers can be customized according to your liking. Need someone to do the job seamlessly for you? Look no further. Our company provides efficient installation of awning and covers that add beauty and functionality to business establishments and houses. Choose among solid wood, pergolas or glass as a material for your cover. Schedule a free onsite estimate today. Just call us at 818-861-5394. Remember, it’s not just the aesthetics that matters, but how beneficial it could be for your business’ success or family’s safety and delight.


Various Commercial Tent Advantages


A canopy or commercial tent can be a great addition to any outdoor party. Awnings can provide protection over your food and cooking area. This will keep the area shaded to help minimize ice melting and your beverages cooler.

Your company probably has a commercial canopy they use for special occasions, trade fairs, speeches and information booths. A canopy can easily have your company’s logo screen printed on the outside for brand recognition or identification.


Why A Commercial Canopy


A commercial canopy is our largest outdoor canopy structure that can be used for several purposes from storage to use as an outdoor canopy shelter or carport, or to add an attractive entrance element to a building, provide protection, introduce or bookend walkways or outdoor entrances, and are an ideal way to combine successful branding with practical and elegant benefits. (These are referred to as entrance canopies.) Our large awnings can shade several cars or other vehicles and can become enclosed by adding walls and a roll-up and zipper door.


A Shop Canopy Provides Shelter From The Elements


Supermarkets provide covered areas, with a shop canopy, where their customers can load their groceries into their cars or other transport out of the rain or snow. Companies and schools with campuses having multiple structures erect covers over eating and resting areas. Awnings provide shelter for parent waiting areas and bicycle stands. Public swimming pools install sail canopies over their baby pools to protect delicate young skin from the sun. They’re particularly useful for protecting parking spaces for disabled drivers, as disabled drivers often have to take a long time to get in and out of their vehicles.

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