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One of our expertise services that we provide is Sign Removal in Los Angeles. Our company serves businesses in the Los Angeles area. We can remove any kind of sign whether it is lighted or non-lighted. The equipment we use is a bucket truck, ladder or rope for repelling down the building.. Some of the common bucket trucks out in the market are Elliot Trucks and Manitex Trucks. One of our areas of expertise is removing signs with an aerial specialist-a person who can repel down from a building using a harness and rope to remove the sign. This type of sign removal is needed when a bucket truck cannot access the building. One of our suppliers for this type of equipment is J.Racenstein Company. We remove signs for small and large companies throughout the Los Angeles area.

Expertise In Removal of Signs

If your business need to remove the sign from the current business,  then we can re-install your current sign at your new location  Our organization can obtain a sign permit. We can obtain sign permits from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. If your sign needs to be repainted or is in need of new lighting components, we will re-build it and then install it. Our skilled installers have the know how and experience to carefully take down any kind of sign and installing it on the new location.  Properly disposing of  signs is a service we provide. We follow The Department of Street Services codes to safely dispose of signs and lighting accessories. We also offer careful delivery of your signs to a storage facility to be reused later.

Safety Precautions

Our company removes signs from businesses, we take safety precautions to mark the area with cones and tape, so pedestrians will not get near during the actual sign removal. This is to protect us and the pedestrians passing by. Once we remove the sign, we make sure that everything is clear and neat before we leave. We can patch up the holes and paint the wall at the customers request. One of our suppliers for materials that we use during the process of removal is Home Depot.

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Sign Removal Los Angeles

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