Custom Signs Los Angeles 10

Custom Signs Los Angeles 10

We were called to do a Custom Signs Los Angeles 10 for Kushy Punch in Chatworths, CA. We manufactured and installed acrylic numbers for the address numbers of the building. We installed three sets of address numbers around the building to meet the fire department code.

Their passion at Kushy Punch is to make every person that comes into contact with their products feeling better, healthier and happier. We always source locally, and make sure everything we release from our factory holistically fulfills the needs of your mind, body and soul. From their award winning edibles to our vapes, Kushy Punch is here to help you!

V a l u e s

They value hard work and humility above all else at Kushy Punch. They believe in creating a product not for the exchange of money, but to promote health and wellness within our community, as well as society at large. At Kushy Punch, they are a family, all pitching in to produce products that will help people. We are proud and confident we will change the world!

S t r a t e g y

First and foremost, they start with YOU and YOUR NEEDS in mind. They begin each extraction process by going deep into the mountains to source the freshest cannabis and ingredients they can find. They then mix in ingredients known to be safe and effective in treating multiple disorders and illnesses in our laboratories. As a result, they able to yield the purest cannabis oils ever found on the planet. Their extraction methods are solvent-free and pure, and it’s our promise to never give you the cheaper alternative. The end result is a medicine that is not only good for the mind, body, and soul, but also for your tastebuds

V i s i o n

They also members of the local community! Their dream is to live in a world where poverty and hunger don’t exist, and people work together to create healthy communities that thrive as one. Planting the seeds of change is the only way we can grow as a planet, so at Kushy Punch we know that inspiring even one person to change can improve communities for the better. To see how we’re working to change the world for the better, take a look at how we’re Giving Back.




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