Interior Signs Los Angeles #1

Interior Signs Los Angeles #1

We manufacture and installed an Interior Signs Los Angeles #1 for Bold. The owner wanted copper letters because he wanted to match his letterhead on his stationary and business cards. We were able to achieve the copper look that he was looking for. Interior Signs Los Angeles #1 is good way to brand your business for the interior part of the office. We are the experts in Interior Signs Los Angeles 1.  We serve Los Angeles and Ventura County.

Bold is a national award winning lighting design firm with offices located in New York City and Los Angeles.

Founded by Brian Orter, the company boasts a roster of designers from the worlds of theater, architecture and interior design. The diversity within the company brings knowledge and experience that allows bold to work with clients on many projects from hospitality and public spaces to retail and personal residences.

Brian’s earliest works were theatrical projects in New York City where he started working as a teenager. After attending purchase college for lighting design, he found himself in a new creative era of New York city. Now, mega-clubs were forming and theatricality was paramount to the experience. Brian’s designs were seen at club usa in times square, the tunnel and the legendary limelight nightclub in Chelsea. Restaurateurs and hoteliers began to seek a similar vibe for their spaces and collaborated with Brian to develop lighting concepts for their venues.

From this work, a global network of clients emerged and Brian married the approach to theatrical lighting to the companies ethos and approach to commercial work.

Today Brian and his team continue to explore the infinitely expanding boundaries of lighting design and technology while maintaining a strong footing in the traditional values inherent to design. “it’s about why we light, not what we light.”

Brian and his team are currently working both nationally and internationally, bringing together the visual aesthetic and emotional texture of each and every project


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