Custom Signs Los Angeles 3

Custom Signs Los Angeles 3

We were called to do a custom signs Los Angeles 3 for the lobby sign at Adams, Ferrone & Ferrone law offices in Westlake Village, CA. We used the customer’s font style. The sign was made out of 3/8″ acrylic. We installed the sign using flush mount studs on the back of the letters.

Adams, Ferrone & Ferrone is California’s preeminent law firm specializing exclusively in the representation of public safety associations and their members in labor & contract negotiations, disciplinary investigations, critical incidents, criminal defense, workers’ compensation, personal injury litigation, employment litigation and disability retirement.

During the the past 13 years the firm has quickly grown to become one of largest and most respected law firms in the State dedicated to protecting first responders.  This growth is directly attributable to their well established reputation for integrity, unmatched success, and commitment to our clients.

Their Approach

Every case starts with a person who has experienced an unfortunate disruption to their life.  Unfortunately, the complexity of the legal system often does not ease the disruption.  Our primary goal is providing immediate response to your needs.  We focus on you, the client as an individual, your problem, and then the legal issue that you face. This approach helps make the road to recovery easier.

Clients seek representation from Adams, Ferrone & Ferrone because of our reputation, expertise, and track record of success. We are aggressive, creative, experienced, and knowledgeable. We highly value and respect our long-term client relationships.

In their view, the attorney-client relationship means a dedicated commitment to your best interest with loyalty, integrity, sincerity and professional service.  The relationship is more than a financial arrangement. It is a genuine symbiotic connection that makes us a lawyer, counselor and friend.

Their standards require impeccable attention to detail, thorough investigation, creative execution, and calculated diplomacy. We are expert technicians in the tactics of law and negotiation. They seek to create an outcome that serves the best interests of our clients.

To be an exemplary practitioner of law, they believe that a lawyer must not only adhere to the ethical standards and the rule of law, but also innovate beyond the norm, consistently raising the bar to higher standards for service and results. This is what we they do.

Adams, Ferrone and Ferrone is dedicated to serving you with the respect and commitment you deserve.


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