Sign Removal Los Angeles

Our sign removal company serves businesses in Los Angeles and Ventura county. If you are going out of business or moving, we can remove the sign from the commercial building or retail outlet. We can remove any kind of sign whether it is illuminated or non-illuminated. We can use different of equipment, such as a bucket truck or ladder depending on what kind of sign we have to remove.  In addition, we use spider men, who are able to repel down from a building using ropes with a harness when we are not able to access the sign with a bucket truck or ladder. You need professional people who are highly skilled and efficient for this type of sign removal. This is a area of expertise that we offer companies who need a sign removal but cannot be remove with a bucket truck or ladder using the conventional equipment to remove signs. This situation arises for example, when the building it too high and cannot be reach with a boom lift because the highest they come in is at 120ft, so once the height is over 120ft on a building then a spider man with ropes and a harness has to be used for this type of job. Another example when the spider man needs to be used instead of using the conventional equipment is when there is a tree or telephone pole in the way. We use J.Racenstein Company for the repelling equipment. We remove all type of  signs and awnings for small and large companies throughout the Los Angeles area.

Safety Precautions

When we remove signs from a building or retail store, we take safety precautions to mark the area with cones and tape, so pedestrians will not get near during the actual sign removal, or come in contact with any debris. This is to protect us and the pedestrians passing by. Once we remove the sign, we make sure that everything is clean up before we leave. We can patch up the holes and paint the wall at the customers request. However, we always suggest that  the company hire a construction contractor to resurface the wall and paint it professionally otherwise the parts where the holes were patch up are still going to be visible if not done professionally by a construction contractor.

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Reusable signs

If your plans are moving to another building and your sign is in good conditions, we can re-install it by making a new pattern and new layout drawings for city permits if necessary. Sometimes the signs cannot be reused again at another location because of the sign material, for example, if the material for the sign was foam , then is highly known that the foam  is going to break upon removal of the sign. However, if the material is acrylic, depending on the thickness of the acrylic, then we can remove it and reinstall again if the thickness is .5 inch or thicker. If the thickness is less then .5 inch, then it will break once we remove it. We can repair old signs depending what is wrong with it. We change the lighting from neon to LED to save energy and to save on the customer’s lighting bill each month. LED lighting is very efficient and a tremendous saving on the light bill each month. We also dispose of the signs or give them back to customer if they requested once we remove the signs.




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