Channel Letters Los Angeles

Channel Letters Los Angeles

We recently installed a channel letter job for Grounded Cafe in Los Angeles on Melrose Ave. Channel letters are a great way to advertise and promote your business. The customer had his logo on the wall of his business and wanted to use it. Therefore, we took pictures of the logo on the wall, so our group of designers could recreate the logo and transcribe it into a sign, in this case front-lit channel letters. We made the customer’s wants and needs into a reality.

First, the customer wanted the word “Grounded” only for the individual channel letters. Then he wanted the letters to be white with a black outline. Therefore we painted the letters white and used a white acrylic face for the letters, then we used a black trim cap for the face of the letters. The channel letters are internally illuminate with led’s. We mounted the channel letters on a raceway( a piece of metal that holds the letter in place). We needed to mount the channel letters on a raceway because we had to install the letters on a ledge that was sticking out from the wall that was 12 inches in height, just enough room to install the raceway on the middle of the ledge. The raceway was 5 inch in height. This made the installation of the channel letter a perfect fit for the wall.



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